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Name: Kaci
Age: 28
Location: Nebraska, USA

What's in your journal: Personal stuff, fandom stuff. Anything that doesn't quite fit on my tumblr.
What rating is your journal: Not rated.

Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): If I have to pick one, I would pick the Guy Ritchie re-imagining. I think the translation to a broader audience yielded some interesting changes to the characters which I have enjoyed exploring. For further explanation, read more here. But I also adore canon (obviously), Granada Holmes, and BBC Sherlock.

Favourite Sherlock character(s): The great man himself, Sherlock Holmes

Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): Holmes/Watson in canon, movieverse, and Granada. Not BBC, alas. How he is portrayed, Sherlock has better things to do than succumb to such boring human reactions as lust, and John, well I have seen no evidence that John loves anything but the ladies. That being said, I adore the chemistry between these two (their bickering is reminiscent of Ritchie's Holmes and Watson), and I am eager to see their friendship continue to develop.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: History. By day, I am an historian, a graduate student going for my Master's in history.

Friending policy: Drop a comment to be added.

Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc.) I'm on DW here, tumblr, and LJ.

What you do in fandom: My favorite thing to do is analyze the characters. I should have added over-analyzing to my list of interests. Seriously, I love nothing more than a good discussion. Along those lines, I also enjoy working out the characters through writing and reading fanfic. My writing can be found here or over at LJ.

Other fandoms you like: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lost, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, How I Met Your Mother, &c. Honestly, I just love film and television. I will join in a conversation anywhere.

Other comms you like: I am brand new to DW, so I could use some recommendations.

Anything else you'd like to share: I'm just looking for some fellow Holmes enthusiasts who would be willing to debate/discuss/&c. I don't mind bouts of fangirling (let's face it, we all go there from time to time), but I would rather it not be the basis of your participation in fandom. A gal can only take so much.
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