May. 29th, 2012

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Name: Charley
Age: 21
Location: Tampa, Florida
What's in your journal: Every day life, writing, memes and the scattering of random jazz
What rating is your journal: PG-13
Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): BBC (and no one was surprised) and the Brett set
Favourite Sherlock character(s): ...Everyone? Yeah, I do not play favorites or maybe I play favorites really badly, it really depends on how you look at it.
Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): ...Yeah, I ship everything. If I don't actively ship it on the spot, I can probably be convinced to ship it with a few good fics written by excellent authors
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Gender/sexuality studies, drawing, writing, reading Tarot, reading books in general, mythological research, hitting my friends with fish, trying to9 lure people into doing things like NaNoWriMo, writing filk, plotting the3 zombie apocalypse and thinking of all manner of alternative universes.
Friending policy:
Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc) Here on DW.
What you do in fandom: Write fic mostly, I try and get other people to make icons/create vids/do other things but I mostly just write fic. I am trying to get braver and scan some of my drawings and post them but I'm still shy about my scribbles.
Other fandoms you like: White Collar, Sanctuary, Newsflesh Trilogy, Cabin Pressure, Firefly, Slings & Arrows, Black Books,
Other comms you like: any cooking comms, the Sherlock comms on LJ
Anything else you'd like to share:
I am...
Mentally ill
Legally blind
Not the only person in my head.
A cat
Perfectly fine with other people believing me or not, as long as they let me have my own beliefs.
Perfectly wi8lling to believe you when you tell me something. It's not being gullible, it's having an open mind.


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