Jun. 1st, 2012

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 <b>Name:</b> J.D.
<b>Age:</b> 20
<b>Location:</b> New York, New York
<b>What's in your journal:</b> All fic at the moment. Moving things over from my AO3. Likely to get a bit of actual journaling soon.
<b>What rating is your journal:</b> Uh... G to NC-17, depending on the fic.
<b>Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s):</b> Game of Shadows, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes (2009). In that order.
<b>Favourite Sherlock character(s):</b> Mycroft, Moran, Moriarty (I like M's), Sherlock, John
<b>Favourite Sherlock pairing(s):</b> Any mix of the above 5.
<b>Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom:</b> Guitar, drawing, cooking, writing non-fanfiction, swimming, role playing, perfecting various British accents.
<b>Friending policy:</b> You friend me, I'll likely friend back.
<b>Where to add you:</b> DW or LJ. I'm Jdmcool on both.
<b>What you do in fandom:</b> Write, read, plot, draw
<b>Other fandoms you like:</b> The Thick of It, Fortysomething, House, Doctor Who (classic and new), Jeeves & Wooster, Mad Men, CSI (all except Miami), Criminal Minds, Star Trek, anything with Benedict Cumberbatch.
<b>Other comms you like:</b> Don't know any DW, though I got a nice slew of BBC Sherlock ones on LJ.
<b>Anything else you'd like to share:</b> I love Sherlock Holmes. Like, watch the show, seen the movies with RDJ, started buying the older ones and am reading my way through all the stories, kind of love. So I love to discuss that (not fangirl, as I have my bouts of hate like everyone else), though I also love discussing just about anything else I know about (oh the various Doctor Who arguments I've had). It's pretty much my bread and butter, talking. Right up there with rping, though in the great words of the Doctor "I just want a mate."


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