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...NO! :D *cackle*

Age: 28 (as October 11, 2011).
Location: Roundabouts the area of Richmond, Viginia, USA.
What's in your journal: Mostly fandomy squeeing, fic, & art. Plus meta & RL stuff. :)
What rating is your journal: PG-13. Due to my love of cursing in type (in RL & in fic). ;)

Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): Prolly both of the Ritchie/Downey Jr./Law films (1st place). They're just so FUN! :) I also like ACD!canon (a close 2nd). And the 21st-century-set Beeb version IS pretty decent too (3rd).
Favourite Sherlock character(s): Sherlock Holmes himself! ...Especially if it's RDJ!Holmes. :D
Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): Holmes/Watson (friendship and/or slash). :D Watson/Mary. Holmes/Irene.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Reading and writing. I have always wanted to be a writer & novelist in RL. Well, that, or a professional film reviewer. ;)
Friending policy: Anyone who's interested by this and/or has common interests is perfectly welcome to friend me! :) I welcome new friends and almost always friend back. :D I guess you could say that "the more, the merrier!" is my motto. :)
Where to add you: I really only have an LJ, So, please add me here: [livejournal.com profile] johnsheppardluv.

What you do in fandom: Chiefly, I write fic. And write meta. And create fanvids. And comment on other people's fic, meta, and fanvids. So, if you ever want opinions or responses to your work or art, then I've got them in spades. :)  

Other fandoms you like: Besides both of the most recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations (aka Ritchie & BBC) and their book origins (aka Doyle!canon), I also love, Love, LOVE the following "8" others: Doctor Who (BOTH Classic and New), Firefly/SerenityCastle, The Mentalist, Stargate: Atlantis, The Glades, Ugly Betty, and the extended Marvel movie 'verse, especially if it's Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and/or (the going-to-be-an-incredibly-climaxing-nirvana-of-a-movie also known as) The Avengers. :D :D :D

Other comms you like: Tennant!Love. <--- Which is the absolute BEST place to go if you even remotely like Doctor Who's most excellent Doctor EVAH...aka Ten...aka David Tennant. :D

Anything else you'd like to share: BY FAR (and in case you couldn't already guess *grin*), my fave actors are David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr, Nathan Fillion, & Benedict Cumberbatch. Therefore, I will more than likely like almost anything they do, no matter how silly or bad it will get. So, consider yourself warned. ;) *lol* Luckily, they are all currently in great movies and/or awesome tv programs and are excelling as actors in them. ;) So, no worries there... ...Oh, & I also love picspamming. :D

....Well, I guess that's about it... ;) Hope to see you all soon. *hugs the community at-large*


Date: 2011-12-30 02:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celestialcure.livejournal.com

So I have decided, after reading your introduction post, that you are someone that needs to be in my life (or at least on my friends page) IMMEDIATELY. Aside from RDJ/SH/BBC SH/Iron Man, I'm not sure we have anything in common...but IDGAF; you seem like a REALLY fun person. I sort of stalked your journal a bit and I would like to add you as a friend. IDK if you read my obnoxious introduction post (http://sherlock-add-me.livejournal.com/1969.html), but there it is. I hope I'm not TOO ~*out there*~ for us to be el jay buddies...but I won't be offended if I am, either.

There is just something so refreshing about you. The fact that you're a "love, love, LOVE!" person makes me squee, because I'm a "lovelovelove" person! AND I PICSPAM TOOOOOO!

The nitty gritty? This intro post made me want to drive down to Virginia and...IDEK...go watch SH2 with you and fangirl while we eat chips and Oreos together, being as silly as we possibly can be, while squealing over RDJ, David Tennant, and Benedict "Cheekbones" Cumberbatch. I'll settle for merely asking to friend you on el jay instead.

...I wonder if my comment is going to flatter you, or scare you? Hmm.

*offers el jay olive branch of friending*


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