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Name: "Nar" is fine!

Age: Most days I think I'm 63. I'm not 63.

Location: 3 different countries in the North American continent

What's in your journal: Generally a variety of things--I'm also in the Doctor Who fandom, so I have some fanfic and ramblings on that. Sometimes I ramble about classic movies, Star Trek, adventures, history, funny things that happen, literature and writing, weird ideas I have, and avoiding work I have to do. I'm starting to talk a bit more about Sherlock Holmes stuff, though. :)

What rating is your journal: I keep it on a "discretion is advised" default just to be on the safe side (because some of it is), but the vast majority of the journal itself is probably ranging somewhere between G and PG-13.

Favourite Sherlock series/movie(s): Sherlock Holmes never really clicked for me until the Granada Holmes series, so that's probably my favourite, though I've grown to love many versions.

Favourite Sherlock character(s): John Watson!

Favourite Sherlock pairing(s): Johnlock's the OTP, but I have this psychotic need to pair Molly/Raz (aka, the spraypaint guy) for some unknown reason.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Lots of reading and writing, going to Broadway plays (and other plays) when I can, occasionally listening to opera, going to museums, going to ALL THE CAVES, travelling, editing stuff for people.

Friending policy: I'm generally happy to befriend people! Just send me a message saying who you are and I'm pretty cool with that.

Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc) On Dreamwidth is fine; I'm also available under the same username narwhale_callin on LiveJournal. I also have a couple of Sherlock fics under the user name canolacrush on AO3.

What you do in fandom: This fandom? Admittedly, I haven't done a whole lot (yet), but I've written a couple of fics, and maybe I might try to figure out a couple of meta essays on something if I get inspired. (Also I plan to write more fics--I have too many ideas.)

Other fandoms you like: Doctor Who, Star Trek to some extent, Merlin to some extent

Other comms you like: I'm a co-mod at Doctor and Master: Ultimate Ambivalence if that's a thing any of you might be interested in.

Anything else you'd like to share: Hey, if any of you need a beta, I practically do it for a living (and I always enjoy it)! ;-) Also you should never trust me in a boat because I will somehow cause it to fail in the middle of any body of water. Also I sometimes really, really like Béla Bartok, Antonín Dvořák, and then out of nowhere ROWDY SEA SHANTIES.
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